• Our Mission Is To Create Awareness
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    We want every person affected by breast cancer to get the best treatment, information and support.

    Positively Pink is the sole charity on the Costa del Sol dedicated to raising money to provide a FREE breast screening for British women who live within the Malaga Province and to help fund the improvement and enhancement of medical treatment.

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  • Our Mission

    The screening programme is a comprehensive process that includes a consultation, physical examination, a mammogram and/or ultrasound and health education.

    The programme is carried out in conjunction with Clinica Medicare, a British health centre, based in La Cala de Mijas. Medicare and its medical team provide their time, clinic space and expertise free of charge for the charity

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    How Can We Help?


    Online Personal Education and Risk Assessment

    Family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer? Check your risk.

    OPERA is an online information tool provided by Macmillan for people concerned about their inherited risk of breast and/or ovarian cancer.


    This year we will also be launching Positively Blue. A charity here on the Costa del Sol, which will be dedicated to raising funds to provide FREE screening for prostate and male breast cancer.

    Only men have a prostate gland. The prostate is usually the size and shape of a walnut. It lies underneath the bladder and surrounds the tube (the urethra) that men pass urine and semen through.

    The three most common prostate problems are:

    • An enlarged prostate - this is the most common prostate problem

    • An inflammation or infection in the prostate, called prostatitis

    • Prostate cancer

    For some men, problems urinating could be a sign that they have a prostate problem, usually an enlarged prostate. Early prostate cancer doesn’t usually cause problems urinating.

    Prostate cancer is curable while it is confined to the prostate, but very difficult to treat once it spreads outside the prostate, which is why early detection is imperative and why we have decided to set up this charity providing FREE screening.

    We will have a full website dedicated to Positively Blue to provide you with all the information you require:

    Find us at www.positively-blue.com and contact us at info@positively-blue.com

  • Events

    Positively Pink and Blue, along with its loyal supporters, are constantly holding events to raise monies and awareness to ensure that we can continue to bring you access to our FREE screening, education and support programmes.

    Our diary of events is forever changing and offers something for everyone to get involved.

    Too see photos from our previous events click here

    If you would like to help us help you by organising an event or would like information on events happening right now please visit our facebook pages or email us at info@positively‑pink.com or info@positively‑blue.com

    Positively Pink and Blue

    Positively Pink Facebook Page

    Positively Blue Facebook Page

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  • Thinking Of You

    To all my ladies and gentlemen who through Positively Pink & Blue discovered the dreadful news, They Have Cancer. I hope you are all doing well.
    Also, I hope that Positively Pink & Blue are here for many more years to help others that will receive that awful news.
    Good wishes and Good Health to all that have used the programme.
    Lorraine Palmer
    Screening saved my fabulous Mum so 100% support goes out to the team for an amazing job. Long may it continue. Toni Eastwood
    The hurt left by cancer is unbearable, let’s fight it together, in memory of mum Thelma-Richard Eastwood.
    Lovely Katie you are a beautiful and inspirational lady. Keep fighting! BigHugs xxx
    To the best mum anyone could have, lots of love your daughter Juliexxx
    Brilliant cause hope everything goes well for everyone!!! Thinking of all my friends I have lost. We can beat cancer!!! Eddie McClements
    You are all stars in the sky and our angels messages keep sending your messages to us, love Tina Church
    Thrilled that Linda survived breast cancer – Naeve Free
    To all of you fighters- keep going, Positivity is the key to your success. Edwina Exton
    Thinking of you Dad all the time, Miss you, from Sharon, David, Deb, Tracy.
    Best wishes and all the best for the future, Raymond Payne
  • Thinking Of You

    Best wishes and good luck for the future from Alan Strachan
    In Memory of Josephine Kangley, from Mum and Brothers
    In memory of my wonderful sister Carol, who died ages 49 years, Love Always Susan Turner
    To my darling Brother John All my Love as Always xx Judith Leigh
    Love Always xx Clive Moore
    To Brian, hoping and praying all goes well with your treatments, with all our love your sisters, Dawn and Moira xxxx
    Les – miss you loads -life won’t be the same without you! Keep rockin Love Margaret and Mike Scott.
    Cancer affects all of us, whether you’re a daughter, mother, sister, friend, coworker, doctor, or patient, together we must fight... David
    Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference... don’t give in. GLW
    All too often we under estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. Kindness is all that matters.. DLD
    David James, you are the kind of man that everybody needs in their life. I am truly blessed to call you Dad. Rhonda xx
    Shirley, I miss you a little, I guess you could say, a little too much, a little too often and a little more each day. D xx
    Mrs F, Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love them. D&G xx
  • Thinking Of You

    Life is a journey and that journey consists of days and nights. Sometimes it is easy to see where you are going and sometimes its dark and you are unsure of your path. The lessons can be tough – but morning always comes. LH xx
    Always by my side, treasured memories to chase away tears and fill my heart with love. Mama, best friend and very special lady, love you so much! SF xxxxx
    To our Beautiful Mum, Nanna and Friend, missing you lots forever and always xxx
    To all the people suffering with cancer – especially my Mum who is in remission of 5 years. C.B xx
    Aunque el cancer se crueo, temprano en tu camino, no tuve tiempo, aunque no suficiente de disfrutar de tu amor, de tus consejos y de las princesas que nos has dejado, Un beso alla donde estes. EVM xxx
    My beautiful Mum Edie Findley passed away 17 Oct 2016 Love and miss you millionsxx Lisa Rendell
    Miss you lots Mammar, wish you were still here, love you! Ellouise Sweeney
    Thinking of Melissa and the family, Margaret Pearson xx
    To Paloma and the family with Love xx Margaret Pearson
    To David with love xx Margaret Pearson
    To Tasha, keep fighting with love xx Margaret Pearson
    To Paul and Jan, keep fighting, with love, Margaret Pearson
  • Thinking Of You

    In loving memory of my friend Judith Glover, I miss you xx Suzanne Tankard
    Positively Blue Keep us all safe Ben Green
    My Dad, Leslie Elledge, you will always be with me, Lesley Louise Fraser
    For my Dad, Jeff Randall, not a day goes past when I don’t miss my “cantankerous old git” xx Anne-Marie Randall
    In Memory of my friend Joanne Furnell, miss you loads “scammer” xx Anne-Marie Randall
    My Mum Ann Davis who passed away 8th August 2016-I miss her every moment of every day. Robert Owen
    We miss you Jackie, fly high, take care. Paul Humphreys and Lynne Carlton
    In loving memory of my dear Mum & Dad, Shiela and Brian, love you to the moon and back. Alison Nicholls xxxx
    Miss you Shirl love Carol xx
    Diane – you made all your days count, still miss you xx Carol
    To my brother Tom Roberts who is battling lung cancer, keep on fighting, Sister Kitty
    Be a hero and fight for breast cancer – Lennon Doran
    Cancer kills, let’s kill cancer – Olivia Duncan
    Sending these to you with all my love-miss you so much R.I.P. Nick Leaver - never forgotten. Teresa Leaver
  • Thinking Of You

    Heather, you are always in our thoughts. Thompson family
    R.I.P. Fat Grandy- Toni Jones
    R.I.P. Sean - Toni Jones
    R.I.P. Philip – Toni Jones
    R.I.P. Brian – Toni Jones
    Love You Duan xx – Claire Foulsham
    Love you Nanna xx – Claire Foulsham
    Thinking of you. Keep up the good work x Christine Pawsey
    Will miss you forever, Love You xxxxxx Bob Parker
    Stay strong, love you xxx Pat Forse
    For my very good friend Mari who remains positive and is an inspiration. Susan Taylor
    Thank you for all the great work you do helping people - Tony West
    Thinking of all that have gone – Ray & Irene
    With love and healing to Karen Hilton a brave, incredible and beautiful lady, Sara Mackenzie
    To Grandad who passed away. We will never forget you and will always be in our hearts. Rosanna Fitzgerald
    To our Grandad who we will never forget and who always will be missed, Isabella Fitzgerald
    Always thinking of those who didn’t make it through the hard times. xxxxxxx Yvonne Gray
  • Thinking Of You

    With Love – Shirley
    To all those suffering, try to keep smiling – Philip O’Donnell
    Pronta Mejorid Monica Payan Buldu
    To our friends who will always be in our hearts xxx Christine Miserotti
    For my David and Sally, keep fighting, never give up xxxx Christine Coleman
    To our family who will always be in our hearts xxx Christine Miserotti
    Thinking of all of our family who we loved and lost xxxx Christine Coleman
    God love you Ann Caine Senior, brave lady, love x – Ann & Maurice Caine
    Thinking of you always Shirly.You would be and probably are happy I am doing my art. Love you always, Debbie Waby
    Tony McConn
    Thinking of you Mum & Dad xxx Jo Scotton
    Thinking of you Mum x Andy&Kerry Carnegie
    To my beautiful Mum miss you more as time passes. Jan Jones
    For Nan, Grandad, Dad – we love and miss you all loads xxxxx Sarah & Paul
    To Frankie B – Love and prayers for your health
    To my twin, be strong, you can and will be ok – I love you Jennifer Rose
  • Thinking Of You

    Emma, please be strong and fight for your life, we love you Mandy Rose
    To John, sorry you lost your brave battle. It was an honour to work with you, Gordon Robins
    Uncle Colin, you are missed more than you know. Forever in my heart and mind, God only takes the best. Love you xxxxx Paris Brindle
    To our friends who will always be in our hearts xxx Christine Miserotti
    Julia – missed –all the family xx Kerry Machin
    To all those I have loved and lost, thinking of you! Don Hughes
    With all our love Catherine xx Always in our thoughts xx Vivienne, Don, Connor, Kieran, Liam. Vivienne Hughes
    John, miss you heaps with love and hugs Caroline
    Thinking of you always, Michael Haddock
    Eddie – you live forever! Liam Griffin
    Thank you for being a fantastic Dad and Grandad, D. Kinsella
    Ann Kinsella
    George – Never forgotten Rona Casey
    Daddy H Never forgotten, Rona Casey
    Bob – Never forgotten, Rona Casey
    Eileen – Never forgotten, Simply the Best, Rona Casey
  • Thinking Of You

    Mum – Never folkways Loved. Rona Casey
    Dad – Never forgotten, Rona Casey
    Daddy, miss you more than words, love you the world, come and see me! Love Minnie xxxxx
    Missing you Mum and will never forget you Jullie love you both always xxxxxx Kerry Burns
    My darling Brian, I love you to the moon and back, always and forever Barb xxxxxx B. Harris
    With loving memory Josie, Kelly O’Brien
    With loving memory Gay, Kelly O’Brien
    With loving memory Seamus, Kelly O’Brien
    With loving memory Theresa, Kelly O’Brien
    In memory of Jean Scott, love you and miss you, lots of love Linda xx Linda Newman
    For a loving Mum and Nanny, Josephine Lloyd, so loved, never forgotten, Karl & Jack Tracy Louise Lloyd
    For all my lovely Grandparents miss you R.I.P love always Tracy x T.L.Lloyd
    We miss you Nanny Mac but glad you are up there with the angels now, Love Steph,Ynes And Ava, Stephanie Smith
    Steve Peck
    Still missing you Dad, Sue Standing
    Win the battle Dave we are with you all the way, love you loads xxx Anne & Terry Barker
  • Thinking Of You

    To Gloria, our beautiful sister in heaven xx Sheila McCulloch
    To a brave little girl Bella, always in our thoughts. The Jacksons x
    Missing you loads Mum x Amy, Honor, Tracey & All the gang xxx Honor Tingey
    For Joan & Frank xxx Keely Ritchie
    For Flo & Ned xxx Keely Ritchie
    For Terry x Keely Ritchie
    For Colin x Keely Ritchie
    For Leigh x Keely Ritchie
    For Ray x Keely Ritchie
    Julie Todd
    Julie Staples
    In memory of my Mum and Nan forever in my thoughts, Tonia Bunning
    Our dear friend John Campbell (Australia) who was a true inspiration to all cancer sufferers. Paul and Hilary Howley.
    Margaret Johnson, a very dear friend-sadly missed by all, Barry her husband now in Spain. Paul & Hilary Howley.
    To Pam and Jack, we have Survived! Xx Laraine Brown
    Thanks to Positively Pink, and early detection, I am two years into remission. Thank You, Laraine Brown.
  • Thinking Of You

    Stay strong Mum, Love you, love you millions Cobi, you will always be in my heart xxxxx Cydni Barraball
    Always thinking of you Cobi, love you forever xxxxx Chantelle Barraball
    Mitchell Todd
    Our John, forever in our hearts and mind. You fought so bravely we are so proud. Love you Always, Rest in Paradise xxx Paris Brindle
    Always in our thoughts, we hope you are dancing in heaven, love always to Grandma B, Alycia, Craig, Robyn, Finn xxxx Alycia Raoyle-Evatt
    Remembering you today and always xxx Love James, Pippa Godwin
    Love to all those we miss xx Ian Weatherill
    To Denise, good luck with all of your treatment, love you Pam xxx Pam Whitehouse
    Denise, Lots of Love Suzanne xxx Suzanne Haynes
  • Thinking Of You

    Darling Michael, I will love you forever and miss you so much xxx Susan
    Darling Mum, miss you so much xxxx Susan
    Jackie Tilley, we miss you dearly all the good and bad points (you know what I mean). Up the Arsenal! Lots Of Love From John & Gill xx
    Think positively and enjoy every minute……Kirsten
    My wife was cured so just keep fighting – Flemming
    Keep Smiling Through – Debbie & Dave
    I sincerely hope one day we will find a cure for this awful nightmare – The Big C. I am sure we will….my heart is with you all! Jan xx
    Thinking of you Sarah & Tracey - and hope you will be in good health very quickly…Love you both very much – Beverley xxx
    My friend Lesley was my best friend…love you always xxx Hilary
    GOOD LUCK to everyone – Tom xx
    We would like to thank the charity for all the great work they do…..Geoff & Mark xxx
    One in three is not good…lets support and do something about it…John xx
    Sharing is caring!! Audrey
    For Monica - keep on fighting. Love Martina xxxx
    To all those who are suffering at the moment and all those who have suffered in the past…lets hope all this companionship will do good – Kim xxx
    For my dad, Ken´s dad and my mum…Love you always xxx Christine
  • Thinking Of You

    PINK – Hello Abbey, BLUE – Hello Peg Love You Anika xxx
    “Beautifully Blue Keith” Dad .. our world..BOOM!! Keep fighting – Sarah & Dave xx
    For my grandkids…Owen Jay & Lousha Rai..Love Nana Costa xxxx Trisha
    Dad..thinking of you – Graham xx
    Best wishes to all…think positive, remember there is always someone worse off – Susan xx
    Thinking of all suffering…sent with love – Elaine xxx
    In memory or Norma & Fred Rodgers, always in our thoughts and hearts xxx Becci´s Nan & Mark
    My Auntie “sorry Annie”…god bless and best wishes from “T” xxxxx
    Always missing you both – Love Always Lil xx
    Always on my mind, forever in my heart….Love you mum! Abbi xxx
    Thinking about my dear Mother-In-Law Dorothy…Well done Positively Pink you all do a great job
    In our hearts he will always stay loved xx remembered everyday….RD
    Sending a balloon to see you mum xxx Love Derek
    Sandra & Jeff thinking of mum and good news Monica xxx
    In loving memory of our beautiful son “Russell”…Love Mummy & Daddy
    Mart I hope you were my Dad….I will always love you – Ron xxx
  • Thinking Of You

    Help! International Rescue! The cave has collapsed and I am running out of ai…..Philip
    Thinking of you mum and dad – love you both xxx Paul & Barbara
    We cannot go through life without knowing someone affected by breast or prostate cancer. My special thoughts for those who have passed. To the ones still fighting keep strong. Sue xxx
    Somewhere there´s someone who dreams of your smile and finds in your presence that life is worthwhile. So when you are lonely remember its true somebody somewhere is thinking of you – Gavin
    You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have …Ryan
    Joop was a great buy….M&M
    Goodbyes are not forever, are not the end, it simply means I´ll miss you until we meet again….LH
    Hope it flies high….Betty
    For Maggie Jeans…God bless you and pray all goes well for you…Love Jenn xxx
    When you were born you were crying and someone around you was smiling. Live your life so at the end you’re the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying….DLD
    Don’t give up – support is always there! John
    Peace, love and happiness – Craig and Jackie xxx
    In memory of all…mark
    For all the strong ladies out there – stay positive!! Paula xx
  • Thinking Of You

    Wish everyone the best, we are with you! Theresa
    Love and miss you loads Dad – Theresa xxx
    Everyone is “touched” by “life” and “life” is all about being with family and friends and everybody else. Jeff xxx
    Shirl´s truly one of lifes earth angels, thank you for sharing your journey with us. David & Gavin
    Shirley…miss you. Love Carol xxx
    Diane…remembering always! Love Carol xxx
    Linda and all GIST sufferers – keep the faith and keep fighting. Luv Jenny xxx
    Nellie & John…true love always…Helen xxxx
    We hope this small donation goes towards finding a cure for cancer…Raymond xxx
    My wish is for a cure for all cancers! Sally xxxx
    To all my family and friends - I may not always say it but you mean so much to me xxx David Y
    Death leaves a heartache no-one can heal – love leaves a memory no-one can steal! SF xxxx
    Keep Strong xxx Mo
    This came from a big hot puff of air! Ian xxx
    To everyone battling xx Helen
    Thinking of you Mom today as always….I will always love and miss you! Paul xxxx
    My two “great” Nannies Kate & Mary who both died of cancer…Love you always Mollie xxx
    Dear Margaret…love you lots and lots….Neale xxx
  • Thinking Of You

    To all that I have lost…Suzie xxx
    Love you mum….Nicola xxx
    To our Wen, the one and only, fly high with our love! Elizabeth xx
    Remembering my dear friend Les…Jennifer xx
    For our lovely Marlene, Tom, Jackie, Dad xxx Gill
    Cancer, the very word is horrific, we pray for those who are fighting it – John & Lorraine xxxx
    Miss you mum and dad – think of you every day xxx Debbie xxx
    To Terry…gone but not forgotten…Mags, Hazel & Tracy…..Margaret xxxx
    Keep giving….Franzesca
    Lost both parents – lets STOP it now!!! David
    Remembering my darling sister Marian….Jack xxx
    Jackie & Richard Martin…we miss you but you will always be in our thoughts….Mike xx
    To my two “great” nannies, Kate & Mary, who both died of cancer….Grace xxx
    I wish for fun, laughter and peace. I hope our children have a wonderful life ahead of them! Susan Jayne xxxx
    With many fond memories of Richard Martin who left us in January…Charlie & Gill xxxx
    For Sylvia Robbins who is now bravely fighting breast cancer…thinking of you…..Love Pearl xxx
    For my two “great” Nannies Kate & Mary who both died of cancer….Lola xxx
  • Thinking Of You

    For my dear friend June Millard who has fought cancer bravely and is still fighting the battle…Love You Pearl xxx
    For our lovely Marlene, Tom & Jackie, Cheryl also my lovely daddy xxxx Catherine
    Jackie & Richard Martin….so sad that we can no longer share your smiles and laughs- thinking of you both! Jacky xxxx
    Darling Sue, stay strong and keep up the fight – we can beat this!! Love Ali & Nick xxx
    Never from my mind…my Mum who died with bowel cancer at the age of 55 years. Also, my Uncle Charlie, cousins Kerris & Graville and dear friends Jean xxxx
    For our dear Mary Anne, god keep you strong, keep on fighting this…you are amazing! Love Ali & Nick xxx
    To my friend Jenny Chesterton who has fought cancer bravely and we are very proud of her, thinking of you!
    For my dear friend Jennifer Bennett who has been so brave and is fighting cancer…we are always thinking of you! Love Pearl xxx
    Thinking of you DAD - Susan xxx
    Best to Steven – God Bless Debbie xxx
    Val you will get through this, Love Paul & Emma xxxx
    Jesus is our Saviour! Averil xx
    Keep hoping for the miracle Mary xxxx
    Thank god for all his goodness – Vincent
  • Thinking Of You

    So sad to lose Jacqui Martin after such a brave fight…..September she lost her battle. Charlie & Gill xxx
    Good health to my husband and family – Anna xxxx
    Love You Mum – Vicky xxx
    In loving memory of our aunty…so sadly missed RIP – Casey Family
    Wishing you the best Love June xx get well
    Keep fighting Paloma - youll win in the end ….. Margaret xxx
    Well done Paul! Margaret xxxx
    Thinking of you Suzy xxx Loots Viviane xxx
    Thinking of you both xxx Tania xxx
    To every mother, sister and aunt – keep fighting xxxx Yoyuba xxxx
    To all the women who have lost their battle and to my friends still fighting xxxx Julie xx
    To all my loved ones who have fought and lost and battled against this horrible disease. Always in my heart and thoughts with love and bravery – Kim xxx
    For my darling wife Leigh….El Oceano was her favourite place - David xxxx
    Bravest guy in the world, Love Colin & Angie, Lots of love darling xxxx
    Thinking of you always…Lucia xxx
    To all the people suffering from cancer….in hope of a cure xxx Gill
  • Thinking Of You

    In loving memory of my beautiful mother Linda…I miss you more each day – Janet Elizabeth xxx
    In loving memory of my cousin Lesley G who dies yesterday – Lesley xxxx
    Dear Mom…wish you was here, miss you everyday xx love you more xx Nictona
    Bob Hillier – dad your memory is my keepsake. You are always in my heart – Rona & Family
    Chick Jacobs – dad may you rest in peace and comfort…Rona / Rick & Family
    Louisa Thomas – our much loved Nan. Always loved and very dear….Casey Family
    Love you endlessly and you are forever in our hearts…Ma we live with this everyday…Tina
    In memory of our wonderful friend Julie Ollis…forever in our hearts – Elaine & David xxx
    George Casey – dad we all love and miss you so much, Take Care…Rickss
    Dear Jules….hope your with all your friends having a G&T….Miss You Fiona xxx
    Perhaps they are not stars in the sky but rather our loved ones shinning down on us to let us know they are happy – David
    Lieber Jo, danke fur die freundschaft in all den jahren. Ich vermisse dich….Anna
    Liebe Louise, warum? Ich vermisse dich so sehr und denke oft an dich…..Anna
    Anne Jacobs – theres not a day that passes that I don’t miss you mum! Love you always – Rona xxxx
  • Thinking Of You

    Eileen Hillas –a very special friend “simply the best”….alife that touches others lives forever…miss you xxx
    Here is to the future Pam, all our good wishes! Diana
    Dear Batma, I think of you every day and I still feel you around. Love you always and miss you forever – Lucy xxx
    An inspirational lady who was incredibly brave, compassionate and full of wisdom, she touched our hearts and enriched our lives. Thanks for the memories xxxx DD
    We love you and remember you always Pete – Anne xxx
    In memory of my father – Reni xx
    Miss you Tommy…Clement xxx
    Toto is a start…Jim xx
    Love you Chelle xx Kevin
    Dear Dad…so sorry to have lost you to cancer. All My Love Maq xxx
    Miss you Dada…Lots of Love Sue xxx
    Thinking of you in your fight…wishing you well…Maria xxx
    Get well soon mum…Sue xxx
    Maria misses you…Sue & Phil xxx
    Thinking of you and miss you xxx Anya & Paul
    Keep up the fabulous work! Tanis & James xxx
    To all those who are not with us…Love Christine & Michael xxx
  • Thinking Of You

    Remembering John, a lovely person and friend..god bless! Sue & Phil xxx
    My Dear Sis, no more pain…rest in peace. Love you always xx Paul xx
    Please god make a miracle happen! Michael xxx
    Remembering my beautiful mummy who dies from breast cancer…Judy xxx
    The McGuire Family xx
    The Reilly Family xx
    Love from Sue & John xxx
    For all those people who have lost someone to cancer…Mark xxx
    Miss you mum and dad and brother John…Love you all…. Paul xxx
    Go Jo!! You can beat it- all my thoughts – stay strong…Love Lynne xxxx
    Remembering my cousin Fiona who dies too early from breast cancer…Love Judy xxxx
    Thinking of you mum and knew you always loved Oceano xx Tony xx
    Look down dad…alls good…your best Son xxxx
    To all the great survivors and bless to those that did not…Sue xxx
    Its been 37 years (06.09.78) I think of you and have dreams about you my friend and special cousin xxx Dale xx
    Good luck Etty with your treatment - see you soon Vivien xxx
  • Thinking Of You

    Thinking of you Jean who we all miss everyday…..Patricia xx
    To Elsie…love and miss you loads my lovely mum….John xxxx
    Just wish I had one more day with my mum…Lane, Gill & Amie xx
    Miss you forever Sue Wallwork & Martha Carbeiro..my two angels!! Georgia & Martin xx
    Always thinking of you and I miss you!! John xxxx
    To my mum who went far too soon! Love & Miss you – look after her god….Elizabeth xx

    To Positively Pink:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Medicare and Positively Pink for their professionalism and exceptional care towards myself during a very difficult time.

    They went above and beyond to help with what could have been a very serious and confusing process. Without their care and support, I do not think I would have had the information and help to have coped as well as I did.

    The caring nature of everyone at Medicare was exceptional, with them doing invaluable work and ensuring that each individual person receives the upmost support and help needed .

    Thank you for everything you did.


    2nd September 2014

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  • Our Address

    Positively Pink Ctra. de Cadiz N340, KM 199 Miraflores Playa, 29649 Mijas Costa, Malaga, Spain

    Telephone: (0034)952 835 776
    E-mail: info@positively-pink.com

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  • Positively Pink, Costa del Sol

    We are the sole charity on the Costa del Sol dedicated to raising money to provide a FREE breast screening for British women who live within the Malaga Province and to help fund the improvement and enhancement of medical treatment.

    Breast cancer has no respect for age and young woman can develop this condition as well as older woman, Kylie Minogue and Gerry Halliwell are testament to this, so it is recommended that all women should have a regular scan, regardless of age.

    We have produced a DVD, available free, which is uplifting and features local women who have been treated for breast cancer. They tell their individual stories, including their dark days, but through positive thinking they offer encouragement and support. Their courage and strength of character is an inspiration to us all.

    Finally, Positively Pink, like every other charity, needs support and volunteers to help through organising fund raising events. Positively Pink provides an invaluable service and needs your help to keep this service in place. All proceeds go to Positively Pink with the El Oceano Beach Hotel absorbing all administration fees, if you would like to make a donation, organise a fundraising event or help the charity in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Our Mission

    The screening programme is a comprehensive process that includes a consultation, physical examination, a mammogram and/or ultrasound and health education.

    The cost of the mammograms and ultrasounds, whilst discounted, are still a direct cost to the charity funds. In 2011 during our four month campaign Positively Pink was able to screen 513 women at a direct cost of €43,605.00. This is in excess of the funds that we have managed to raise during these difficult financial times.

    In 2012 our aim is to provide more screenings to more women but, to be able to continue to offer breast screenings we need to raise more money to meet the costs. In 2011 we asked all the ladies that attended the programme to make a small donation to the charity, some attendees were incredibly generous, however, we still have not reached our target to cover the costs for all 513 women who received this screening for free.

    Positively Pink is determined to continue to offer a screening programme to British expatriates, but, in order for us to achieve this, we have to change the format of how the charity operates. Therefore, in 2012 we will continue to offer a high standard screening programme in conjunction with Clinica Medicare and we ask that all ladies who are screened to leave a donation, to help towards the cost and enable us to continue with this life-saving program.